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“Start-up India” and “Digital India” is on the hype nowadays. More and more people are building businesses and becoming the Job-creators rather than the Job-seekers. However, there are a numerous number of skeptics in this highly-populated country.
But some people, rather change-makers, tend to improve those skeptics to optimists. One of such people is the person whose initiative we are going to discuss today.
Md Nazim Ahmed, 22, is  a believer in “Live life for the Humanity.” With this belief from early on in life, he is now pursuing ‘Masters in Social Work.’
This believer of ‘serving humanity’ and ‘attaining a strong role in the development of society,’ started an initiative (namely The Indian Awaz) we are discussing today.
The Indian Awaz:
Based out of Guwahati, Assam, this initiative is essentially encouraging and helping India become a better India. The Indian Awaz at its very core is a platform for talent-recognition in India.
In short, it’s an endeavor to promote the changemakers of India. And due to the fact that they endorse the changemakers of this amazingly talented country, Nazim Ahmed and his team are no less than changemakers.
It has only been a couple of years since the social work of Nazim and team got a face, i.e., The Indian Awaz. And in such a short period of time, they have helped and gained enormous popularity amongst aspiring entrepreneurs.
How they recognize talent?
This one’s easy. They ask the people if they are talented.
Yep, that’s it. People who genuinely believe they are talented can apply for the awards on their website. If they are true changemakers of this country, they will win.
How does it work?
The Indian Awaz, as an entity, organizes certain events to inspire and promote the changemakers of this nation. Be it in the fitness category or the Author domain; The Indian Awaz recognizes it all.
To give you a better context of the events, here are a few names:
The first event- Top 10 entrepreneurs of North-east India under 30.
Top 10 entrepreneurs of West Bengal.
Author of the year 2017-18.
And several more.
One such event is coming this November in Kolkata/Calcutta. So if you are reading this before the date and are in Kolkata this November, you are in for a treat.
In addition to having remarkable events, The Indian Awaz is planning to have a network session(namely “Founder meet”) in 10 cities of India over the course of a year. Of those ten cities, the first will be held this September in Guwahati, their home.
Apart from encouraging the raw talent of India, The Indian Awaz is also known for its social work.
The social work?
As I said earlier, the primary aim of the “The Indian Awaz” is to help society and serve humanity. So not having the ‘social work’ a priority is out of the question.
Side Note: Nazim Ahmed and the team have been social workers long before the existence of “The Indian Awaz.” And maybe that’s the reason why they call themselves a “Social Impact venture.”
In the context of social work, The Indian Awaz has done a tremendous job. Every month they collaborate with the NGOs to help the needy. Additionally, they aim to utilize their recognition platform to help the less fortunate. They are working on a project to launch a product from rural India so that the hard work of the indigent can be recognized, which leads them to earn a livelihood.
Final Words:
To change India from a ‘developing country’ into a ‘developed country,’ India needs to appreciate and start initiatives such as the “Digital India.”
And people like Nazim Ahmed and their initiatives like The Indian Awaz are working as a catalyst to boost such processes. We must hope to have such ambitions in order to make this nation great again.
Have you started any initiative? Are you a part of the “catalyst category”? Let us know in the comments below.
Until then, goodbye.